This fundraiser benefits the Yuma Scholarship Pageant, helping young women achieve their goals in our fabulous program. The Yuma Scholarship Pageant has been awarding thousands in scholarship to young women, plus the chance to represent Yuma at Miss Arizona since 1953!  A friend of yours has paid us to place these crowns in your yard. This crowning is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean. These crowns will glimmer on your lawn until this evening when they will mysteriously disappear onto another friend’s lawn. If you would like to specify the next person to get crowned, all we ask is a small donation to our group. The  de-crowning of your yard will be done in the evening, so we ask you not to break down our dazzling crowns!


$10 to de-crown your yard!

$20 to de-crown your yard and crown a friend’s yard!

$25 to de-crown your yard, crown a friend’s yard, and ensure you will never be crowned again!

Crown a Friend